At VERGOLA [ACT & Sth’n NSW], we’ve done our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers’ needs. With that goal in mind, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact us at 02 62 809 809 or sales@vergola.com.au.

Can I open and close the Vergola to allow light and shade?

Yes, you can enjoy natural light, full shade or diffused light by adjusting the position of the Vergola louvres.

Is the Vergola rain proof?

Yes, in light rain tests have proven Vergola to be rainproof, however depending on position and rain direction some splashing may be experienced in heavier rain.

What type of Vergola configurations can I have?

The Vergola System can be applied to many roofing configurations. Your Vergola can either be freestanding or integrated to form a part of your existing building.

What type of Vergola designs can I have?

Your Vergola design can include flat, pitched, angled, A framed and barrel vaulted. Depending on the size of the specified area, you can have one bank of Vergola or many banks in a row or alternate banks to create different effect or enhancement to suit your circumstances.

What type of framework and material would I require to build my Vergola?

The frame of the Vergola can be constructed from timber, steel, aluminium or any other building material that comply to local building codes.

Would I need gutters for the Vergola?

Yes, specially designed Vergola gutters will fit along the inside perimeter of the framework to collect water which is discharged into down pipes. The gutters are attractively design to compliment or blend in’ with the louvres and framework and become a part of a complete Vergola system.

What is the size or dimension of a Vergola louvre?

Your Vergola can be customised to various sizes. The maximum Span of a Vergola louvre is 3.6 metre or 12 feet. The Width of each adjustable louvre is 205mm (7.8). The Weight of the louvre ranges from 10kg/m to 16.5kg/m.

Is it energy efficient?

Yes, the double skinned louvres provide both thermal insulation and sound reduction. The adjustable louvres help to reduce heating and cooling costs by controlling the amount of direct sunlight falling on exposed windows and walls. The Vergola keeps the place cool in Summer and protects you from rain and wind in Winter.

How does a Vergola Remote Control System work?

The control system will be installed and tested by qualified Vergola installers. The system operates from a standard 10amp 240 Volt power outlet which converts via a transformer to 12 Volt DC.

How safe is the Vergola Control System?

All Vergola motors are 12 volt DC which operate in an external environment and pose no danger to the user.

What is a Rain Sensor and how does it work?

Your Vergola system comes with a Remote Control switch which has a rain sensor. The Vergola system will close automatically when rain is detected and reopen to approximately 30 degrees when it’s dry. Reopening can be disabled for regions which have a need for full closure during winter months or when you are cleaning your Vergola.